The success of your organization is the focus on one day workshops. A step-by-step approach breaks down complicated topics into concepts that are easy to understand and implement. Our interactive learning environment reduces the learning curve by including break-out session, videos and teamwork. As a result, participants are able to apply their new skills to their work effectively.

IES maintains Training Workshops consisting number professional training for all acknowledged sectors. 

Develop your own game in a day! (No Coding Skills Required)

Learn about the Computer and Language Literacy.

How To Write Literature Review

We offer training for in-service and pre-service English language teachers. Initially,it will be offered in virtual settings. In the near future we are planning training sessions in conventional classroom settings as wel

We Offer Training session in Minshift . Mindshift can help end this unproductive behavior. It is designed to help boost your career and life in today’s fast-paced learning environment. 

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