English Proficiency Course

Our English language teaching department takes pride to engage top trainers from all corners of Pakistan and abroad as well. It is learners’ centred. It will ensure hands on practice to our participants. Our major areas of the focus are teaching of EFL in second language context, lesson planning, classroom management skills, teaching of basic language skills, teaching as reflective practice, syllabus designing, assessment techniques, lexical studies, teaching of grammar, teaching of pronunciation, use of IT in EFL classrooms, action research and microteaching. It aims to cater needs of pre-service and in-service groups. It offers teachers training in virtual and face-to-face classroom settings. Initially, we plan to offer trainings in virtual settings. In near future we are planning for trainings in conventional classroom settings as well.   

Specialization Courses

 IES offers four specialization courses in ELT. Participants will be provided practical training to teach English efficiently.

Ideal opportunity for students for improving their speaking skills. Want to sharpen articulate.

Beautify your pronunciation skills. You will feel improvement in your pronunciation skills after 6 weeks. 

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