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Institute of Emerging Sciences

IES presents exciting opportunities for teachers and students .We offer online courses in initial phase. Later we have a plan to introduce courses in face-to-face conventional settings as well.

The most exciting aspect of IES to makes education accessible at your doorstep even in remote areas where learners do not have the luxury to attend classes of the top teachers. It eliminate borders and barriers, both social and physical.

COVID 19, no doubt, challenged the existing set up of education as most of the institutes were closed around the globe at the onset of this pandemic. It also paved the way the way of prospects of E-learning as well. However, E-learning is still in its infancy. It is a grave concern for policy makers for transition to new reality of online teaching in the absence of its teaching resources for using optimum use of digital teaching. Most of the institutes have tailored the learning process to cater the role of traditional classrooms. Our institutes felt the need of the hour and turned this dream into reality. We have state of the art facilities.

IES presents webinars, trainings, courses and counselling sessions for teachers and students.

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